Argumentative Essay Words

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Never¬theless, when placed alongside other human qualities, such as honesty and integrity, it is by no means the most useful. Whether it is on TV, radio or hoardings at the side of the road, advertisements have become a part of our lives, advertising simply a means of informing the public or does it encourage consumers to purchase products they do not really need? Others, however, enjoy the variety which this highly creative industry brings to everyday life. Advertising is an effective way of selling new products, and many people argue that its effectiveness brainwashes us into unnecessary spending. As Jeremy Tunstall says, "Advertising can't sell any product can only help to sell a product the people want to buy." One of the main arguments for advertising is that it generates wealth for a country.

4 On balance, it seems that a sense of responsibility has a role to play in a young person's development. You may feel this is an intrusion in your daily life, and resent the pressure on you to spend money.

• Before you start writing your essay you should make a list of the points for and against. For example, if you are writing an essay on education, a quotation you may include is: "Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." (Will Durant) Note: Although these are "balanced" arguments, if you feel that either the for or against side is stronger and should be supported, this side should be presented in paragraphs 4 & 5, thus leading the reader to your conclusion. The main/greatest/most serious/first disadvantage /drawback of… Needless to say, better diplomatic relations would be of benefit to all. PLANNING & ORGANISATION • There is an alternative paragraph plan you may use when writing for and against essays.

• Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence which summarises the topic of the paragraph. In addition, many people feel reading is a relaxing and worthwhile activity. short forms, colloquial language, etc.) or strong language to express your opinion (e.g. Introduction balanced consideration/ your opinion directly or indirectly Useful expressions and linking words/phrases • To list points: Firstly, First of all, In the first place, To begin/start with, Secondly, Thirdly, Finally • To list advantages: One/Another/A further/An additional (major) advantage of… 12 Which of the following are arguments in favour and which are arguments against the topic: "School plays a more important role than die family in shaping one's personality." Discuss. When following this plan you present both an argument in favour and the opposing viewpoint in the same paragraph.

C In conclusion, I believe that advertising exists to generate wealth by encouraging people to spend unnecessarily.

Argumentative Essay Words

What would our lives be like without advertisements?

• To add more points to the same topic: in addition (to this), furthermore, moreover, besides, apart from, what is more, as well as, not to mention (the fact) that, also, not only … and, There is another side to the issue/question/argument of… a Furthermore, people who move to a foreign country may be regarded with suspicion and treated unfairly.

"Living in a foreign country cannot be better man living in your own.” Discuss.

B To conclude, it must be said that, while advertising may create jealousy and inequality in society, without it v would lose a valuable source of revenue which is used for the benefit of the majority.

However, do you not agree that the drawbacks of a greedy, materialistic society far outweigh the advantages, and we need to be careful that we do not lose sight of what is most important - a spirit of co-operation rather than competition?


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