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As we get older, it’s easier to put aside what may seem like childish curiosity.Curiosity forces you to keep an open mind and propels you to gain deeper knowledge -- all of which are also fundamental to being a lifelong learner.

Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud…these are just a few of the critical thinkers who have shaped our modern lives.

Critical thinkers think clearly and rationally, and make logical connections between ideas -- they are crucial to exploring and understanding the world we live in.

Our observations will eventually lead to insight and a deeper understanding of the world.

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You should work to improve certain qualities in order to become an excellent thinker.

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Good critical thinkers are able to stay as objective as possible when looking at information or a situation.

They focus on facts, and on the scientific evaluation of the information at hand.

Being aware of our biases is the first step to being objective and looking at an issue dispassionately.

Once you’re able to remove yourself from the situation, you can more thoroughly analyze it.


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