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Excess water can stimulate the harmless mushrooms plus root-rot fungi. If needed, use one of the natural caterpillar controls of Thuricide or spinosad following label instructions.

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Actually joining means making enemies of other gangs.

"Don't wanna get myself in, cos once you're in its hard to get out. I feel for all of the black boys out there, and trust me there are loads and loads of innocent black boys out there. They are going to arrest them, take them to court, but the most pain is here, and if you're a mum. So you might as well put the work in now." That's why there are no experts in the film tonight.

Climbing is what vines are supposed to do, but it's probably best not on your trees or shrubs. Frequent waterings normally given new lawns can encourage lots of fungal activity.

Vines compete with plants for sun, water and nutrients. We have noticed mushrooms, and the grass is thinning. Some is harmless, like the fruiting mushrooms you have noticed in the lawn.

"Most of the boys attacking him didn't know why they were attacking him, you know what I mean, and just following the crowd and that and it resulted in tragedy really" he tells Jeremy Vine.

He doesn't want to join a gang - they call them "clicks" - but he thinks he can gain its protection if he plays his cards right.

Both boys know more than one young victim of gang violence. In the film he revisits the scene even though it's the turf of a gang called Asian Virus.

He calls this "slippin"; a simple bus ride which for him has enormous significance.

Shady sites don't provide enough light to support all the leaf blades and some thinning occurs.

The grass thins out to a level it can maintain with the available light.


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