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However, if it is determined that you have applied in bad faith, you can be barred from applying for 12 months.Connecticut’s Plan makes sure pretty much the same types of auto insurance coverage are available as in the voluntary market – they just may cost you more.

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According to Connecticut’s Insurance Department, premiums for high risk drivers obtained through the Plan tend to be higher than average.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for how much higher – this will vary by insurer.

The Plan does not provide insurance directly, but instead assigns drivers to auto insurance companies that already operate in the state of Connecticut.

Indeed, if a company wants to do ANY auto insurance business in the state, it must agree to cover a share of the high risk drivers.

Auto insurers have improved over the years at balancing the risks and costs of covering high risk drivers.

Every agent and broker who holds a valid license as an automobile insurer can explain your options if the CT ARP is where you land.If you have trouble getting auto insurance due to a less-than-perfect driving record, you can turn to the Connecticut Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan (CT ARP).This Plan will ensure that you receive coverage, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria described below.Just one thing to note - be sure to fill out the application accurately.If your insurer comes to believe that you left out or misrepresented information that is important, your insurance can be cancelled.The first is to pay 30% of that annual premium at the time of your application, and the entire balance within 30 days of receiving your policy.The second is to pay 25% of the annual premium with your application, and the remainder in 5 equal monthly installments.But you should understand what factors most auto insurers consider when evaluating you and developing your premium.You may pay your insurance premium to your assigned insurer in one of two ways.The table below shows the mandatory minimum coverages in Connecticut.You can choose to pay a higher premium to receive higher levels of coverage, and that may be appropriate depending on your financial needs.


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