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Here, in the first function call, x and y will get values 7 and 3 respectively.

But, in the second function call it will return zero because, if you look closely, we have passed default parameters [0, 0] in the function declaration. We can also use destructuring with for-of loops like below example.

Java Script’s creator, Brendan Eich, had no choice but to create the language very quickly (or other, worse technologies would have been adopted by Netscape).

He borrowed from several programming languages: Java (syntax, primitive values versus objects), Scheme and AWK (first-class functions), Self (prototypal inheritance), and Perl and Python (strings, arrays, and regular expressions).

For this example, We are using two integer variables a, Total and their values are 7 and 21.

We are going to use these two variables to show you the working functionality of all the Assignment Operators in Java Script Programming Language ANALYSISIn this Java Script Assignment Operators program, We declared 2 integer values a, Total and we assigned values 7 and 21 respectively.A smart implementation of destructuring can resolve a wide range of problems.Problems varying from variable declarations to swapping values or even iterating through complex objects in a loop, all can be handled using ES6 destructuring.When you are starting to learn Java Script, I recommend that you program in it for a while before moving on to the rest of the language.That way, you don’t have to learn everything at once, which can be confusing.Whereas target is a pattern that is to be used on the left-hand side of an assignment.A target can be any of the three following patterns: Default values can be assigned to destructuring target variables.To switch it on, type the following line first in a Java Script file or a Sometimes you want to introduce a new variable scope—for example, to prevent a variable from becoming global.In Java Script, you can’t use a block to do so; you must use a function.This approach helps us in getting the current array index as well as distinct value for the same index: Destructuring involves a source and a target.The source is always the data to be destructured or right-hand side of an assignment.


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