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An assignment may be made to anyone, but it is typically to a subsidiary or a successor.A successor might be a business (Company B) that buys a business (Company A).Depending on your situation, please review and follow the steps below, so your paperwork can be processed correctly.

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Assignments won’t stand up in court if the assignment significantly changes the terms of the contract.

For example, if Karrie’s business is tree trimming, not lawn mowing, the contract can’t be assigned to her.

These include a Purchase Contract and an Interconnection Agreement.

Ask the representative to start electric services on a future start date, usually around the closing date. Provide the following information through email to the Solar Rewards Team at [email protected] title the subject line:.

For example, if a business agrees to do yard work for a homeowner, they've entered into a contract.

The lawn care business assigns its side of the deal to another company and, after the client is notified, the new company fulfills the terms and conditions of the original contract.

Did you move or move to a property where solar panels are installed?

Are you planning to move to a property where solar panels are installed?

Or are you selling a property with solar panels installed?

If so, the Solar*Rewards or Net Metering contract must be transferred to the new owner to receive the benefits of the solar generation.


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