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It’s a physical science for studies of various atoms, molecules, crystals and other aggregates of matter whether in isolation or combination.This incorporates the concepts of energy and entropy in relation to the spontaneity of chemical processes. The changes that take place in the external environment are due to the chemical reactions.

It’s a physical science for studies of various atoms, molecules, crystals and other aggregates of matter whether in isolation or combination.

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Chemistry also deals with topics such as intermolecular forces an general properties.

For example, our chemistry assignment writers explain the interactions of substances through intermolecular forces that give matter its general properties also comes in the chemistry.

The term chemistry came from alchemy that came following Arabic word Al-kimia.

We learn about the composition, structure, properties and change of matter through physical science.

Synthetic elements with atomic numbers greater than 93 (Transuranic) 5.

This law states that the properties of elements repeat as a function of their atomic number (Periodic) 7. Elements were originally placed in order of atomic __, now they are in order of atomic __. The group that consists of very unreactive gases (Nobles gas) 10. Element 101 was named in his honour (Mendeleev) 17.

This has opened the door for many discoveries around the world.

To give the students the best we have the most effective and experienced chemistry teachers who not only solve the problems of the students but also provide quality results to them. The following highlights the importance of chemistry and its uses.

Elements that most closely follow the periodic law (Representative) 3.

The first scientist to organize elements based on repeating patterns (Dobereiner) 4. Most elements are ___, since they fall to the left of the “staircase line” (Metals) 11. This element was assigned a relative atomic mass of one because it is the lightest element (Hydrogen) 16.


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