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Season 1, Episode 2, "Operation Betrayal": Carleton Young (shown on the left, starred in Dick Tracy (1937), The Brigand, Thunderhead - Son of Flicka, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and played Harry Steeger on The Court of Last Resort) plays police investigator Sam Arnett. Gregg Martell (starred in Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town, I Was a Shoplifter, Leave It to the Marines, and The Sergeant Was a Lady) plays bartender Mike Santori. Mike O'Malley on Miami Undercover) plays police Det. Season 1, Episode 12, "A Message to Mulligan": William Boyett (Sgt. Mac Donald on Adam-12) plays former Navy man Joe Mulligan.

Pennypacker before she was cast as Patty Greer on Assignment: Underwater. C., and a pair of appearances on Perry Mason, as well as five appearances on Family Affair and three on My Three Sons.

After the show's 1-year run, she appeared in the Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Mac Laine thriller The Children's Hour, but after that stuck to TV show guest spots on Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Leave It to Beaver, Wagon Train, Gomer Pyle, U. In 2010 it was reported that she appeared at the annual Oscar party hosted by former actress Lori Anderson-Scherrer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ( so she still seems to be out and about.

At least two of the episodes from 1960 have music composed and arranged by Alec Compinsky, a virtuoso cellist whose brother was violinist and film composer Manuel Compinsky and whose sister was pianist Sara Compinsky.

Together they performed as the Compinsky Trio, and Alec and Manuel worked on film scores together.

Assignment: Underwater was a scuba-themed action/adventure series much in the same mold as Lloyd Bridges' popular Sea Hunt program, though here Bill Williams played the primary role as former Marine and scuba expert for hire Bill Greer, who owns and lives on a boat named The Lively Lady with his daughter Patty.

Like many leading male characters from the time, Greer is a widower, though in the episodes viewed for this post, there is no mention of his deceased wife's name or how she died.They then also appeared together in A Likely Story (1947) and The Clay Pigeon (1949).She would go on to play Perry Mason's secretary Della Street on the successful TV show, and the couple had two daughters and a son, William Katt, Jr., who became a successful actor himself, starring in Carrie and the 1980s TV show The Greatest American Hero.Williams broke into TV himself in 1951 playing the title role in The Adventures of Kit Carson in 103 episodes, running until 1955.He was particularly suited to western roles, both on TV and feature films such as The Great Missouri Raid and Oklahoma Territory, because he could do his own riding and stunts.Alec also composed the theme music for the TV series How to Marry a Millionaire and provided music for the children's TV shows Sky King and Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown.He also served as music supervisor on several other TV shows in the 1950s, including Broken Arrow, Pony Express, and The Third Man. The two DVDs released by Alpha Video containing a total of eight episodes--six from 1960 and two from 1961--have not been remastered or cleaned up in any way, with video quality about the same as an average video, that is, watchable but substandard.Born Herman August Wilhelm Katt to German immigrant parents in Brooklyn, Williams was a junior national champion swimmer in his teens, then became a professional swimmer, performing in underwater shows before joining the Army during World War II, which made him eminently qualified to play a military veteran scuba expert on Assignment: Underwater.He was discharged from the military before the war ended and took up acting, having some prior experience in vaudeville and stock shows.In "Operation Betrayal" (September 16, 1960), Greer is called upon as a Navy reservist to help track down which of his former war buddies has been hired to fish out some old Nazi counterfeit U. Wilson to entrust Patty's care to a doctor while he completes the mission.But his judgment is often inferior to that of his daughter, as in "Charlie Noble's Pearl" (October 21, 1960) when he falls for a frame-up on an old buddy by a pair of slippery robbers, whereas Patty stays true to their old friend and helps him solve the crime.


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