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Secondary school teachers often complain that their students show a disengaged attitude in class.Students do not prepare for lessons, they show a passive attitude towards classroom activities and they have a limited awareness of their own learning process.Social interaction is a critical component of situated learning—learners become involved in a .

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) By the way: over the years of asking this question, animal dissection is far and away the most repeatedly mentioned activity.

Compare the many patterns here with the answers to how students best learn and what their advice is to teachers to improve class and the conclusions seem obvious, don’t they?

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Barak () contending that knowledge is inseparable from the contexts and activities within which it is acquired.

Learning occurs only when students process new information in a meaningful way that makes sense within their own frames of reference. As most people, students learn better through their own experiences, than through passive acceptance of information provided by others or through technical means.

Student effort, or the extent to which students perform activities in school, is a major indicator of the engagement with school learning (Astin ) found another indicator of student engagement with learning and school.

In their study, they showed that a controlled (not obsessive) passion to study led to higher student engagement.


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