Attention Grabber For Essay On War

You may have very important information in your paper, but the reader may fail to get this information due to a poor introduction.

Therefore, that catchy opening sentence in your paper that tries to capture your reader’s attention is referred to as a hook.

Your hook should be in a position to smoothly shift to the introduction part.

In other words, you should ensure that the hook you settle on is relevant not only to your thesis but the entire essay.

If you are handling a complex issue, it will be inappropriate to start with a joke as your hook.

This will confuse your readers, and you will lose them.4) Understand your audience When you are brainstorming for your hook, you should always consider your audience so that you can come up with a hook that not only augers well with the contents of the paper but also with the people reading it.

There are two main approaches to creating a hook: Let’s look at the first approach Writing the hook before starting the essay: This involves brainstorming and at the same time writing the hook.

There are some things that you need to consider while doing this:1) Developing an outline for your paper This is coming up with a skeleton for your paper, the main items that you want to highlight.

In layman’s terms, a hook is that piece of metal that capture fish and takes it out of the water.

The same applies here; you need to take your reader from everything that he/she is doing to concentrate on your paper.


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