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I found that through research into acoustics, judicious use of recycled deck and fence boards, and a lot of discerning Craigslist purchases, I was able to build this cozy, double-walled sound studio for just under ,000. Deadline October 16th, 2017 Boyds Mill Press accepts unagented submissions of children’s book manuscripts. Winners also receive a consultation with literary agency Redhammer Management.

What we’re getting down to is whether panel members would turn that page and continue reading.

I discovered that participants were pleased to hear me read their work, and what better gig could a book-loving introvert have than sitting in a room and reading stories to himself?

I’m not pleased at all that this particular audiobook now bears my name as narrator and producer.

Probably the same things that drive a reader batty.

Some ACX producers have studios that make my shedio look like a dilapidated beach hut.

For those interested in doing this kind of work, being a handyperson is helpful. Compiled by the good folks at Creative Writing Award Two prizes of £1,000 each and publication in Aesthetica.Since I had a contract, I tried my best, but after a few chapters I could see I wasn’t the right narrator for the job.Thankfully, the estate manager and I agreed it was best to bilaterally cancel our contract.This love led me to become the organizer and “first pages” reader at an annual writers’ conference I help organize for SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators).Participants submit only the first page of a manuscript.That said, about 90% of the audition scripts available to me are in such desperate need of editing I drop them before even giving characters a chance to get their hooks into me.A narrator’s job is to read exactly what’s on the page, and if what’s on the page doesn’t track well, doesn’t make sense, or has any number of other editing/revising needs, I won’t even consider the job.Much like an editor or agent looking to represent a book, I will give the book its best shot if I’m passionate about it.So I look for a audition scripts that really hook me, for characters that intrigue me, for a compelling voice.In my experience, rights holders accept or reject auditions pretty quickly, but they can also contact a narrator/producer, offer insight, and ask him/her to submit another audition.I’ve found the ACX website is very slick and easy to navigate.


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