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It should be a story about how this interest shaped who you are. Still, I see myself making an impromptu appearance at a Wichita School Board meeting to defend my book, passing picketers demanding its removal from school library.” Is there an interest you want to write about?View Lia_Columbia’s application essay to see how she did it! It can seem like such an arbitrary choice: talking about one particular moment or one specific extracurricular activity when you’ve had so many more experiences.

From the background standpoint, you’d more likely write about your values and how that upbringing impacted you.

From the identity standpoint, you may rather want to write about how you feel about being seen as a religious person, how others treat you, or how your parents treat you if you felt differently.

University of Pennsylvania ‘19 “Identity is a tricky subject for an identical twin.

I should know, as I have navigated my entire life with my own personal clone.

Your family heritage may have inspired you to major in a language or a history.

Your parent’s divorce may have forced you to find solace in music.

At its core, that’s what the Common App Essay Prompt #1 is asking you.

The Common App gives you some guidance, so you can choose a story that relates to your background, identity, interest or talent.

This gives her a lot of space to write about what sets her apart from her twin and demonstrate who she is as an individual: her interests, her perspective, and her personality.

And that’s what you want in a college application essay: the reader to know what it’ll be like meeting you before he or she even does. Why is it so important that it’s the one thing people need to know about you?


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