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I need some tips on writing introduction part that its just about enough or is it mandatory to repeat info to make it somewhat complete in itself ?

How much detail to provide in the introduction depends on the circumstances.

(Some papers are read only by impatient experts, while others attract a broad audience.) What's considered appropriate may vary between fields or even subfields, but here are a few general principles: The general guideline is "just enough." However, the "enough" differs audience to audience, even the article is on the same topic.

Knowing who are going to read it would decide how broad and deep the introduction should be. In a more general publication like a magazine or a blog the introduction may need to include what it is, how it is being used, its chemical properties, its impacts on health, and perhaps some controversies surrounding the compound.

After finding this, you can now use the aforementioned sources to develop your research.

As you move further along in your research, you should get an idea of what key terms are related to the topic.

In public health or nutrition journals, it may just merit a parenthetical explanation.

However, in a food industry journal, the name itself is sufficient. A well-structured but slightly longer introduction is far less offensive than a cluster of very well selected but illogically laid out arguments.

In this article, we will be discussing how to write the first section of a position paper–the t Knowing the definition to the topic you’re writing about is essential, and it is a good way to start your research.

After you know the short, general definition of your topic, you should try to gather details about the issue.


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