Barbie Research Paper

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The attributes are portrayed through Barbie Doll’s perfect but impossible to achieve physical appearance.

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This would make Barbie Doll the utmost symbol of perfect physical beauty.

Research reveals that many of the popular models and others who want to achieve perfect beauty model their looks along Barbie Doll’s (Schick, Rima and Calabrese 74 – 81).

Using this scale, this makes her human size to be 5 feet 9 inches, the perfect height for an ideal woman.

Additionally, the same scale reveals that the human size Barbie doll would have the perfect combination of body measurement.

Additionally, the fact that Barbie’s career life ventured into piloting, medicine, entrepreneurship acts as motivation to women to explore careers previously thought as masculine.

In this case Barbie liberates women (Reid-Walsh and Mitchell 175).Indeed, Barbie Doll can be interpreted in many ways.However, there exists sufficient evidence to prove that she promotes an unrealistic idea of an ideal feminine body image and the ideal lifestyle.Studies done on Barbie Doll’s physical attributes suggest that she promotes an unrealistic idea of an ideal feminine body image.These Studies reveal that Barbie Doll possesses an attractive body, which is also symbolic of good health, vitality and beauty. She has had enormous influence on her fans for the last 50 years she has existed. Her role as a modern character who shuns the traditional women roles motivates young girls to look beyond these roles, if they are to fulfill their full potential.Despite being a doll, Barbie is a multi dimensional character: she has attracted both love and hate in equal measure. However, there exists significant evidence to indicate that the Barbie Doll is symbolic of ideal and unrealistic human desires.This usually has devastating health effects such as bulimia anorexia.While Barbie’s physical attributes promotes an impossible-to-attain physical appearance, Barbie’s talk advances the concept of a carefree fun-filled lifestyle, since her dialogue is laced with references to partying, shopping and holidays.Instead of negatively affecting young women, Barbie liberates them.As evidenced by Prof Anne Marie, playing with Barbie liberated her from the notion that electrical engineering was not a career befitting a woman.


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