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Being a sharecropper, Ab and his family had to share half or two-thirds of the harvest with the landowner and out of their share pay for the necessities of life.As a result of this status, Ab and his family know from the start what the future will hold -- hard work for their landlord and mere survival for them. he thought; for a moment he could not even see, could not see that the Justice's face was kindly." The story's emotional turns are clearly defined by Sarty's thoughts and Ab's actions.He burns other people's barns and that he constantly ruins his land-lords rag.

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Instead of trying to better themselves, they choose to vent their dissatisfactions on others, and ignore the cause of the discriminations they face.

Sylvia and Abner have both experienced a life full of hardships.

Abner has a history of commiting crimes for a living, such as the time he spent stealing horses during the civil war.

Though from a completely different time frame and setting, Sylvia has also spent her life barely scraping by.Sarty is the protagonist surrounded by his father antagonism whereas Ab is the protagonist antagonized by the social structure and the struggle that is imposed on him and his family.The economic status of the main characters is poor, without hope of improving their condition, and at the mercy of a quasi-feudal system in North America during the late 1800's.To avoid all the commotion he gets from the father, he decides to go away from home.His father is a barn burner who is literally a former thief.This is depicted in his personality to the family and to the other people in the society.He is therefore cruel to the family and to the society. Your Name Your Subject and Section Your Professor’s name March 5, 2017Faulkner’s Barn Burning In William Faulkner’s Barn Burning, the narrator who is telling the story is someone who views the lives of Sarty and the other characters from a distance. " This is the name of the book we use: portable literature reading reacting writing 8th edition pdf source.. Is the narrator omniscient, or does he have limited omniscience? However, this creates the illusion of the narrator as someone who is necessarily “omniscient” for the fact that he was able to talk about each of the events that transpired and also Sarty’s thoughts in clear details. "In Faulkner's Barn Burning, who is telling the story? Faulkner mostly utilized this third-person perspective in elaborating the story, in order to create a sense of “objectivity” for the readers.


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