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These changes of emotion in a sudden fashion signify her outlook on beauty shifting as time passes.

These changes of emotion in a sudden fashion signify her outlook on beauty shifting as time passes.This strategy gives the reader a real sense of evolution of character in the story without becoming too slowly paced.Walker uses the accident that happens during her childhood to prove that one’s mindset can be altered because of a profound experience and how her attitude completely transforms from a conceited and arrogant child into a newly reborn woman who sees a new kind of This kind of story development gives the reader a lot of freedom to interpret the meaning of the character’s progression as she learns to cope with the accident.

But if this would have happened to me, I would have not dwelled on my loss but on my gain.

In many ways she could see the world in a different way, this has made Alice walker an outstanding writer, with a unique point of view.

In her autobiographical story Alice Walker tells about how after the accident of losing sight in one eye she was never the same.

At the young age of eight she was above all others in wit, looks, and talents.

Walker uses various stylistic elements throughout her writing to convey her shifting outlook toward her own beauty.

She also employs various rhetorical strategies in order to deliver a clear and luring story that keeps the reader engaged as she describes her life as a flashback.I know that this must has been a tortuous experience to endure.After reading this essay, I think that you can not look a beauty in the same way.During her sophomore year of high school she had the ugly scar tissue removed, now all that was left was a thin glass like line. She had her first boy friend and she earned valedictorian of her class.Beauty comes from the inside; Alice found you are only as beautiful as you think, and the pain only hurts as long as you let it.Alice said she is beautiful, whole and free and she is also me.This is the first time that she really believed that she was beautiful.When a person is faced with adversity, rather than viewing it as something to hate, they should see it as a opportunity to grow. D Wetherell and Alice Walker, they all show different types of challenges each character had to over come and their journey to do so.These stories all shared similar outcomes, they demonstrate how each character used an obstacle they were faced with, and turned it into a beneficial experience and how it shaped them into the person they are today.I think that the loss of her sight is not what blinded her most, but her unwillingness to except what had happened.Over that next six years she would not ever hold her head up, Alice found that children were mean, they couldn t live with her difference and neither could she.


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