Beauty Is All Around Us Essay

But a great poem is a like a solar panel—it will run and produce light for a very long time.

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Other poems—most poems, I would say—are as good as Eveready batteries.

They function well enough to keep your flashlight working.

Similar to a painting by an artist, how we respond to a beautiful woman, nature, and the world that we encounter reveals the spectator and not life.” ― “Life surrounds us. Even following the most bitterly cold winter, new life waits feverishly to erupt.

The flower head sown in the prior season quickens to bloom in the eternal spring of wilderness gardens. Life is the active resistance to disintegration and death.

Is “great” a category now so problematical that we dare not risk using the word?

Still, I am loyal to the idea of greatness-the idea that there are ten poems I could take into a prison cell for ten years, or keep with me on a desert island, which would indefinitely nourish and amuse and inspire me.We don’t talk like that anymore, and probably it is wise that we don’t, for a number of reasons, and yet I still very much care about that idea of measurable quality; the idea that a consensus can exist between serious readers about what is great and what is merely good.I have a belief that we can tell the gold from the silver, the copper from the lead.We seem as baffled as she was about how to measure it.Nonetheless, I refuse the assumption that greatness is something that belongs to another era; that one more book must be written about Robert Lowell, because he was the last identifiably, consensus-approved, board-certified heroic-scale poet in our era.I was walking down a street in New York a few years ago, with an older, wiser poet-friend who pronounced,“Philip Levine has written two great poems: ‘You Can Have It,’ and ‘They Feed They Lion.’” Though I didn’t automatically agree with his selections, or their number, I admired my friend’s certainty.It pleased me, and pleases me afresh to think that a great poem would definitively be recognized, confidently identified, and spoken of as such.I want to make the case against the timidity of academics and canon-makers, who are too insecure in their own taste to freely declare a living writer’s poetry lastingly extraordinary.I equally wish to denounce the stinginess of the rest of us, who would rather not admit the definitive excellence of some work from our own generations, as equal to the great work of the past.But when you take a closer look, nature is really just a giant fuckfest. It was a privilege to exist in this wrinkle of time with many people devoted to burnishing the sharpen edges of life.The heavens blessed me with many years to discover why it is beautiful to live and die in a world where the hills and wind, the rivers and seas, stars and moon, and revealing sunlight shall persevere.” ― tags: beautiful-life, beauty-of-life, beauty-of-nature, beauty-of-the-world, death, death-and-dying, essay-writing, essayist, memories, memories-quotes, memory, writers, writers-on-writing, writers-quotes, writing, writing-philosophy “Love, reverence, and adoration, are multifaceted emotions.


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