Behavior Change Plan Essay

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This process ensures that the smoker does not lose hope as a result of waiting too long for the reward.

For every week that the individual completes without smoking, he or she is given the large sums of money as the reward for their behavior change.

Contingency Contracting This is one of the easiest and simplest operant conditioning methods.

This entails an agreement made between a smoker and a person who is close to the smoker.

The personal and social factors are likely to cause smoking among most of people.

However, according to psychologists, the smoking behavior is a result of the operant conditioning.The smoking behavioral patterns are influenced by environmental settings.The operant conditioning theory entails the use of the rewards’ decrease the behavior of smoking.If the individual slips up and smokes, he or she doesn’t receive the salary for this week and that serves as a negative punishment for smoking (Rebecca, 2004).Self-Rewarding This method is largely applicable in the settings, whereby the smoker has the willpower, the smoker devices the structure of rewards for him/her to quit smoking.In smoking, the operant conditioning theory is associated with the behavior changes in smoking.This theory entails operating on the environment in the precise ways rewarding various precise behaviors that are in the individual’s environment in hope of changing the smoking behaviors.Smokers can either be rewarded by the two ways, namely: the positive rewards that involve the provision of something that is of pleasure to the smoking behavior or a negative reward that entails the removal of something being usually unpleasant to the smoking behavior.The positive and negative factors can become reliable in the operant conditioning theory.Introduction A behavioral change technique in smoking is a theory or a technique that involves the psychological theory and psychotherapy techniques.This cognitive behavior therapy is employed to create a more conducive environment that helps to change dysfunctional reactions and to create the behaviors that are adoptive.


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