Behavioral And Social Learning Theories Essay

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These experiments are what led to the theory of latent learning. Of course they ran the maze with fewer errors after they received their reward.To Tolman, this meant they had learned during no reward and developed a “cognitive map” of the maze after they received their reward. An example of this would be us knowing how to get to work, school, or home.

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Domingo Mamaril June 21, 2010 Cognitive Learning Theory Cognitive theorists try to explain human behavior by understanding how we process and store new information.

The cognitive theories of learning originated from the gestalt theory.

Social cognitive theory is a perspective that helps us understand about learning by observing other people doing the same thing.

This theory is a blend of behaviorism and cognitive psychology (Ormrod, 2011).

Because students are coming up with their own set of rules, they will gain a sense of control in the classroom.

As the school year goes on I will reinforce the behaviors that follow the classroom guidelines.Learners observe different behaviors and try to adopt those behaviors, if any of the learned behaviors bring desirable results; those behaviors stay with the learner.For example if in a classroom a student gets teacher’s attention by answering the questions and receives good grades, the behavior is followed by other students.The gestalt theory was founded by three men, Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohlu, and Kurt Koffka.Wertheimer conducted several experiments, using a He believed that the whole behavior of a person had to be studied.After they provide their ideas, if there is something not on the list that I think should be I will add it on.However, from my experience I have found that students typically hit all of the points that I would have come up with.Tolman conducted experiments using rats to develop his learning theory.He is most famous for his studies involving maze running (Vanderzwag, 1998). The next group was not rewarded until day seven and the third was rewarded on day three.Tolman developed six different kinds of learning: (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009).(1) Cathexes- our learned tendency to associate certain objects with certain drive states.


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