Being An Astronaut Essay

The feeling of being underwater is supposed to simulate the feeling of zero gravity.

However in a pool and with depth, the pressure changes every inch you are deeper or higher, whereas in space it’s all the same when it comes to zero gravity and pressure.

George's Grammar School (Hyderabad) & Kendriya Vidyalaya Tirumalagiri, Hyderabad.

He joined the NDA as an Air Force cadet in July 1966.

The researcher assumes that because of the features on this “vehicle” that the Maya intended to explore outside the area they lived in.

Nowhere did the article talk about other possibilities that this vehicle could be used for such as farming, moving heavy objects, or just flying in general.

Although, the Maya had a great interest in the universe (i.e.

the sun, stars, and moon) it doesn’t support the fact that they had intentions to explore space.

, “[They] have great big towels integral with the bag, so when you’re finished throwing up, you can wipe your whole face off, and get it out of your nose, and then stuff it all inside the bag.” The shuttle which takes astronauts from Earth to Space smells pretty bad as Hadfield “It’s like seven people in a camper van with a porta-potty for two weeks, where you can never get out.” The International Space Station is good about their bathroom and scents, but food is a different story.

: “Eating a fish dish often produced the most pungent odor, especially the US version of seafood gumbo.


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