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That’s why it also applies to all potential solutions you subsequently brainstorm.If you want to confront your boss with the below average salary claim, you better bring lots of data from good sources to back it up.You’ve both entered the working world a couple years ago and are now looking to buy a home.

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The point of analysis is to never accept statements at face value, including your own.

It gets you to pause and reflect before moving on, which is what makes it so valuable.

Even if problems won’t disappear over night, you’ll always have some sense of what to do next. What Watanabe has described here is the scientific method, except he did it in a way everyone can understand.

Teaching children this from a young age helps them think on their feet decades later, when they enter the working world, where problems are often complex and confusing.

For example, to see if your salary is below industry average, you can use Google to compare it to several statistics.

And to figure out if you really were passed during the last promotion round, ask coworkers when they were last promoted and come up with your own, company-internal data.

That’s why you should think of your selection as hypotheses.

A hypothesis is defined as a currently accepted statement that could be proven wrong later.

At the same time, if you find it’s easier to collect data for other solutions, like cutting your expenses on monthly subscriptions, because you still have all your receipts, analysis also helps you determine which solutions have the best cost-to-benefit ratio.

Analysis helps you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the sources of your problem, as well as your options to get rid of it.


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