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‘Reading this made me feel happy and alive,’ she says of Eileen Myles’s is aimed squarely at those who actually do.In other words, this isn’t a book to pass quietly to your slur-spewing uncle in hopes of getting him to stop sharing odious Obama memes on Facebook, nor is it an instruction manual on how to ‘not see race’ …

And indeed, therein lies Sedaris’ genius—he reflects the culture inwardly.

Through his peculiar mind, Sedaris captures biting truths, documenting with journalistic precision his quiet public indignities and milking them for all their tragicomic worth.” –David Canfield ( by Lorrie Moore 14 Rave • 2 Positive “Moore proves herself the rare critic who’s as satisfying to read on the volumes you haven’t heard of as on the ones you have.

Oluo weaves stories from her own life through her research to put faces and voices to such fraught topics…

As a result, the lessons, while still intellectually rigorous, feel more intimate than those gleaned from academic texts and perhaps more likely to make a meaningful impression on the lay reader …

The mask conceals and it reveals; writing transfigures and it uncovers.

That’s the gift that writing has given Chee, and it’s the gift that his wonderful new collection gives its readers.”, his first in five years, finds the beloved humorist rejiggering his tone—right along with much of the country—to meet a newly somber national mood.From schizophrenia to immigration to the secrets we keep from our moms, the engaging topics in these seven books make for fascinating reading.Whether you can only read one essay at a time or want to binge-read a title in one sitting, there’s something here for you.Fans of Crosley’s signature humor—a blend of upbeat and offbeat self-effacement—will not be disappointed …If you’re not already in love with essay collections, you will be after exploring this list.Science writing of the caliber on display in is a boon in these times of looming scientific illiteracy.Holt makes his recondite subjects seem not only fascinating but fun, humanity’s greatest intellectual adventure – and one that badly needs as many adventurers as it can get.” –Steve Donoghue ( by Sloane Crosley 8 Rave • 1 Positive • 2 Mixed “Where Crosley’s first collections were dense with zingers made to deliver laughs, the most memorable lines in this one are built to break hearts.That reflects a similar shift in the author’s storytelling priorities: Crosley has changed focus from the mild absurdities of day-to-day existence to quiet but universal devastations …Crosley remains inexorably funny, even as she uses her life and the lives she encounters to take on the heavier issues of aging, loneliness and mortality.Moore-as-essayist scans much as Moore-the-fiction-writer does: as lightly melancholy, with a compensatory inclination to amuse both herself and us … Still, Moore is one of our best documentarians of everyday amazement.” –Katy Waldman ( is Amis at his considered best, witty, erudite and unafraid.You can sit and be like Martin Amis all day, wondering how he could be so right about the Republican party in 2011, so prescient about Trump as early as May 2016.


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