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There are many others, as well Research reveals that for major mental health disorders, a treatment plan involving both drugs and psychotherapy is more effective than either treatment method on its own.

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Skinner, instead, suggests that psychologists should put their energies on what is observable, such as the environment and human behavior occurring in the environment (Boeree).

[Read More] Defense mechanisms, the unconscious, coping mechanisms, self-actualization and archetypes are other examples.

The ultimate and most useless example is the "little person," that resides in everyone and explains his behavior.

Finally this work will include the applications of dualistic activity vs. John Broadus Watson was the founder of Behaviorism and held that: "Psychology as the behaviorist views it is purely objective experimental branch of natural science.

monistic passivity, source of knowledge: self-generative vs. Its theoretical goal is the prediction and control ob behavior.


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