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Restart Word, and your style is now under the style dropdown list. One of the issues that complicate bibliography styles is that they often need to have a significant amount of conditional logic.

To do so, add the following XML code to specify that the style name be in the English locale (Lcid determines the language).

Your style will now appear under its own name in the Bibliography Style dropdown list-box in the application. Each source type in Word (for example, book, film, article in a periodical, and so forth) has a built-in list of fields that you can use for the bibliography.

The output of virtually every style needs to change depending on whether you have a "Corporate Author" or a "Normal Author." You will see how to use one of the most common rules for implementing such logic into your style, allowing you to display a corporate author if the corporate author is specified, and a normal author if the corporate author is not specified.

To display a corporate author only if appropriate, use the following procedure.

These references pull out the data that will populate each of the fields.

Examine in \Microsoft\Bibliography\Sources.xml) to get a better idea about how these references match up to what is in the XML file.

Hi there, I added a few refernces to a word document which I have been working with for a while.

The references I added appear as cited in the text flow, however the reference library at the end of the document does not update and include them...ideas?

Output for bibliographies and citations is represented in a Word document as HTML, so to define how our custom bibliography and citation styles should look in Word, we'll have to add some HTML to our style sheet. City: Publisher The HTML required to do this would be embedded in your style sheet as follows.

Suppose you want to format each entry in your bibliography in this manner: Last Name, First Name. When you reference a book source in your Word document, Word needs to access this HTML so that it can use the custom style to display the source, so you'll have to add code to your custom style sheet to enable Word to do this. XSL and drop it into the Styles directory (\Microsoft\Bibliography\Style).


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