Biology Coursework On Beetroot

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It is vitally important to calibrate the colorimeter before taking a measurement.This did affect my results, once I obtained results for 20o C and saw they were higher in percentage light transmission than for 10o C.

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The 10o C temperature point was retaken and the results complied.

This error is very hard to avoid because it is an electronic piece of apparatus, therefore several results should be taken for every test tube.

This possible error did not affect my results as my accuracy was to 0.1cm3.

A nearly 100% accurate measurement can be achieved if a precision pipette is used. This is a piece of electronic equipment that may malfunction, as possibly happened with the initial result for 10o C.

When fresh beetroot is left to stand in cold distilled water, very little red pigment is released from the beetroot.

When, however, a similar amount of beetroot is places into hot water, pigment release happens more quickly and the surrounding water soon becomes red.However, it is important that the volume of water within the boiling tube is constant throughout.This was easily achieved by using a small 10cm3 measuring cylinder.If a result was reading 2% the substance would practically be opaque allowing limited amount of light through.However, by visual observation this was not the case, hence it might be a false reading.The volume of liquid may have been a source of error.The volume of water in the beaker which is acting as a water bath does not have to be a specific volume.This will be achieved by using a cork borer, standard size 6.The width of the disks is going to be 5mm thick (to 0.5mm degree accuracy) measured by a standard ruler.Graph 2 shows results for temperatures 10o C, 20o C, 30o C, 40o C, 50o C and 60o C.The new results for 10o C (84%, 82%, 87%) are much more compliant and have a very small variation, making the average figure 84.3%.


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