Birdsong Part One Essay

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Much of the developed world has already erased their local species and ecosystems.But, the political shift towards globally centralized decisions is taking any choice about that association away from all of us.As Prideaux writes, “For hundreds of generations, we have managed our relationship with this wild part of our community.

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Decisions are now made elsewhere–in an international political space.

We have become, in many respects, as helpless as the wild community we live among.” I would recommend Birdsong After the Storm for anyone who cares about their planet, not only for the wonders it reveals but for what that means for our future.

“We are on the cusp of a transitional moment in human history.

We have to be conscious about the decisions we make in the near future…” says Prideaux.

As we face the storm of climate change and political upheaval, we are designing a desolate future where the world is monetized and wildness is gone.

A tiger’s footprints will not be seen in snowdrifts.The deep, pungent smell of elephant musth will not be carried on the wind.Humans may survive, but the world will be brittle and harsh.It quickens the woodlands with liveliness, as to be quick also means to be alive, germinating its seedling songs in the leaves, inseminating the air. A little riff-raff of sparrows chitter in the hedge.Blue tits and great tits chip in a divertimento in hemidemisemiquavers. A robin fills its little red sail with wind and sails into the day. (Not solely a metaphor, that: a bird’s flight muscles are attached to what is called a keel bone.) As soon as I hear it, I want to describe it, as if once I have breathed in birdsong, I must transpose it into a human key and breathe it out in language.Four handmade bird boxes are attached to four trees that mark a pathway through the church.Each bird box contains a small loudspeaker and broadcasts the sound of a bird singing the melodic lines of the medieval song, (2013), which is divided into two parts.“I have stood in the shadowland and dreamed a path. Spark your own dreaming.” A timely and empowering essay, written by an extraordinary woman.It will stay with you long after you have finished reading.The installations are arranged according to the church’s cruciform design.Each section – nave, transept, chancel – is used a metaphor for one of the three kinds of music in the Middle Ages, from the ‘lowest’ form of music-making ( (2005), created especially for this exhibition.


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