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It is surprising how fast people tend to judge yet it also can be way of protection.Even though the author might not be the real aggressor that does not takes the fact that another man like him could be the authentic one. Fear of loosing what’s theirs, fear of the police, fear of politics, fear of what’s unknown and different.

And since I have your attention, let me say thank you for the use of your essay during the past few semesters.

It has generated many valuable class discussions and has also developed the vocabulary of my students.

To the eyes of people (mainly women) at night, he was no different from any other thug or criminal who prowls the street.

Having moved to New York, and growing accustomed to being perceived as a threat, Staples learned to properly give people their space to intimidate them less as he walks the streets.

Human beings have poured out their feelings onto paper, as long as there have been people interested in them.

Common themes have risen through the ages, such as the contrast between light and dark. In earlier times, we saw darkness as an interpretation of evil; likewise, light represented God and all good.As a result of his dangerous association the author realizes that it’s unsafe to be outside too.Race has always been a topic that is associated with different emotions, views, and thoughts for thousands of years.Humans have a natural habit of judging people from the moment they meet based on what they’ve heard about or what they see on a person. Cesar Augusto Gonzalez Professor Hargett English 1101 October 14, 2010 Vicious Cycle Throughout history, literature has served as a way of expression.I know this for a fact because I used to work as a cashier with my uncle, and whenever a black man walks in he walks around the aisles pretending to be stocking items.He would generally stay in the aisle area to assure no one steals, and I would remain behind the bulletproof window; where lied a .45 magnum under the counter. you have posted on your “write alley” website my essay “black men and public space” otherwised titled “Walk On By: a black man ponders his power to alter public space.’ The piece is COPYRIGHTED material and should not be posted. Thanks much Brent Staples Here’s my email in response: Dear Mr.My students write about your essay for a midterm exam and I put it online so students who forget their textbook will have access to it.Here is Brent Staples essay “Black Men and Public Space” which was first published in Ms and widely anthologized since. According to the site where I found it, this version came from Harpers 12/86.The numbers refer to the paragraphs; when citing this essay, reference paragraph numbers instead of page numbers. My first victim was a woman–white, well-dressed, probably in her late twenties.


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