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For specifically, quotations work very well as evidence to support a particular point or claim.Whether from a specialist in the field or interviewees in a particular study, each quote can be used to further substantiate an argument and validate an author's statements and claims.Quotations as well as dialogue are very powerful components of any piece of writing.

There are no quotation marks surrounding such quotes and the in-text citations are written in a similar fashion as that of short quotations.

is widely used as well in many educational settings and throughout several journal and news publications.

For example; A long quote is considered to be anything that is more than four typed lines of prose or three poetic verses.

The long quote should be placed as a block quote (standing alone, single-spaced) and be indented one inch from the left margin.

For the Turabian format footnotes are used to indicate the source of a direct quote.

Most word processing programs have a footnote tool to use where a small superscript number will appear allowing you to then add the corresponding source of the quote at the bottom of the page.

For example; Long quotations are therefore considered to be 40 words or more and should be indented five spaces and typed as a block quote.

The block quote again should not have any quotation marks and the period would be placed before the parenthesis.

(p.1)This styling guide is almost identical to the Chicago Manual of Style but was altered somewhat by Kate L.

Turabian with the intent of creating a guide specifically for students preparing various works such as research papers and dissertations.


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