Books About Critical Thinking

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There are an abundance of examples that inspire students to look at issues from many different political viewpoints, challenging students to practice evaluating arguments, and identifying fallacies.

Many of these exercises encourage students to critique issues, and recognize their own inherent reader-biases and challenge their own beliefs--hallmarks of critical thinking.

Also, the text is very American specific with many examples from and for an American audience.

More diversity, especially in the examples, would be appropriate and appreciated.

The topics in the textbook are presented in a logical and clear fashion.

The structure of the chapters are such that it is not necessary to have to follow the chapters in their sequential order, and coverage of material can be adapted to individual instructor's preferences.All the images, charts, and graphs were very clear The text including examples and exercises did not seem to be offensive or insensitive in any specific way.However, the examples included references to black and white people, but few more see less While the book is admirably comprehensive, its extensive details within a few short chapters may feel overwhelming to students.The author tackles an impressive breadth of concepts in Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4, which leads to 50-plus-page chapters that are dense with statistical analyses and critical vocabulary.However, the terms are clearly and thoroughly explained within the text, and the index is very thorough. The exercises are excellent and would be very helpful for students to internalize correct critical thinking practices.Because of the logical arrangement of the text and the many sub-sections, additional material should be very easy to add. I anticipate that a diligent student could learn all of the material in the text with little additional instruction. The text did not confuse terms or use inconsistent terminology, which is very important in a logic text.This is an excellent introductory (first-year) Logic and Critical Thinking textbook.The book covers the important elementary information, clearly discussing such things as the purpose and basic structure of an argument; the difference between an...As mentioned previously, the author has an accessible style that makes the content relatively easy to read and engaging.He also does a suitable job explaining jargon/technical language that is introduced in the textbook.


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