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But the books on the mechanics of language will likely bore you to death right now.It’s far better for you to learn structure and good thinking habits early, and work on the mechanics later.

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A poorly structured and poorly written piece is a nightmare, and rarely worth the editing effort it demands.The writer doesn’t understand his topic, hasn’t thought it through with clarity and is clueless on how to engage the reader.You’re a decent writer and have lots of ideas, but you often aren’t sure where to begin.Good writing has a rhythm, that deliberate cadence the writer creates in your mind as you read.Marvel at the perfectly placed and exquisitely balanced use of illusion, surprise and metaphor, and crave to imitate it. Sometimes harsh, sometimes funny, but always honest, they can be thought of as a kind of syllabus for writing. Sure, there are other difficult practices like law and medicine out there, but a person becomes a lawyer or a doctor when he or she passes a series of exams and graduates from a certain school. There aren’t tests to study for and facts to memorize. From grammar rules to publishing advice to personal narratives, these books on writing reveal in intimate detail the ins and outs of what it means to call yourself a writer.You scrutinize all the books that “customers also bought” looking for those one-of-a-kind books that will transform you into a great writer. The nagging thought that you’re not quite good enough as a writer. Because mastering the craft of writing depends upon your continuing education as a writer.You jump “inside the book” to read the table of contents and credits and page through the free preview. Books have an uncanny power to teach us, to transport us, to move us light years beyond our ordinary lives. It means you regularly upgrade and fine-tune your skills.Whether you’re an aspiring artist working on your first drafts or a seasoned veteran in the publishing world, these are some of the best books on writing with insight and wisdom that can support you at all stages of your writing process. You have several half-read writing books stacked up on your nightstand, several more squirreled away in a desk drawer and a dozen more on your Amazon wish list.


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