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They used a long time updating the people close the victims and it was often more effective to watch the news for updates than wait for direct information.Dave Cullen discusses how the whole shooting could have been prevented, as well as revealing how little has changed since then in averting school shootings.In the case of a documentary, editing can be used to further push a thesis and prove a point which the filmmaker is trying to put across.

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is a nonfiction book that chronicles and analyzes the mass shooting at Colorado’s Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999.

The Shooters, Dylan and Eric Harris are both explained in detail.

They had good childhoods and weren’t bullied, though they were mentally disturbed and looked upon others as “lesser”.

On April 20, 1999, the duo planted two bombs into Columbine High School, a similar one across town and a final one in their car in addition to dozens of smaller bombs they were carrying themselves together with their ammunition and guns.

Editing is the act of assembling components of a piece by cutting and splicing.

As a filmmaker, and especially when making a documentary, the use of editing is very important in putting together ideas and arguments.

Moore's first use of a crosscut to incriminate Heston is during the shooting and Denver NRA meeting scenes.

At first, Moore has footage of the Columbine massacre; interviews with different people, actual footage from the school.

It's an attempt to make Heston look unsympathetic to the entire situation, and a supporter of gun violence.

He makes it seem as if Heston's comments are directed towards these weeping children.


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