Brave New World Ap Essay Prompts

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It's the exact opposite of what is considered taboo in our world.

Every person in the World State, "belongs to each other." As a World State citizen, you are free to have sex with whomever you please.

We are constantly going against are better judgement to please the world around us, just like Bernard.

Although his short stature and portly profile are an outward appearance, they symbolize his inability to completely fit in society because he is always thinking about what is wrong.

PROMPT: 1979 Choose a complex and important character in a novel or a play of recognized literary merit who might, on the basis of the character’s actions alone, be considered evil or immoral.

In a well-organized essay, explain both how and why the full presentation of the character in the work makes us react more sympathetically than we otherwise might. Aldous Huxley's novel, , contains some uncanny resemblance to our modern world which leaves the audience to guess, what was Huxley's purpose of writing?While Bernard is labeled an Alpha, he understands that he and his mindset cannot truly be alpha, as he views everybody as equal, and does not view himself as better, simply because he is an alpha.This shows that his inner stress and anger is literally stunting his growth, because genetically, he would be very similar to the other alphas, and thus have genetically similar height to them.Huxley's novel was constructed in a time of conservative sentiments, but as we look to the modern day world, we see many similarities that could send us on the fast track to becoming our own World State.There are two sides to many people in this world: the outside that conforms to the world around them, and the inside that secretly wants to rebel.He obtains from having sex with Lenina and is out off that she offers herself to him.John he Savage values only having sex after marriage, and after the encounter with Lenina he begins to consider her less beautiful than previously thought.The first sign of tension between Bernard’s society and his feelings is shown in his discussions in the third chapter of the novel, where he disagrees with his peers about viewing the people around him as items, believing that they are something more.His inner thoughts are conflicting with his society, as he knows that individuals are not important in his day and age, but he feels that people are more than that.What would seem as sensible actions to the modern audience, John the Savage's are considered immoral by the proclivities and states of minds of the World State citizens.For centuries, adulterous behaviour has been considered sinful in the Christian church, but World State citizens mock the idea by participating in an orgy inside of Westminister Abby, a revered church in London, England.


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