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This is because mold grows the best in dark, moist and cozy environments. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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They can be found on any surface and in any condition.

They appear on the surface of bread that may be left open in normal conditions, say on the kitchen countertop.

The x-axis will be labeled 'mold growth.' This is the dependent variable or total number of boxes you counted for each day. What in the world causes mold to grow on products like bread? As moisture gets into the bread, it becomes a dwelling spot for mold to grow.

The y-axis will be labeled 'time,' which is your independent variable. Keep in mind that mold doesn't grow from a seed like a plant. When the conditions are favorable, such as warm temperatures, shaded or dark places, and moisture, these spores will settle down and begin to feed on the bread. If you noticed different colors of mold, this just shows you how diverse the mold species is.A type of fungus, mold can be found just about anywhere from our door knobs and damp clothing to bread!To learn more about the science behind mold check out this lesson: What is mold? Take your plastic bag and label each as sample 1 - 4 on the bag in the upper right hand corner. Draw a grid on the plastic bag that has a total of 10 boxes.These spores germinate to form hyphae that begin to grow on the bread surface absorbing all the moisture and nutrients from the bread.With adequate nutrients from the bread they develop into mature fungi that consists of rhizoids.For sample #1 (dark), you should have noticed a steady rising trend in mold growth.If you compare this to samples #2 (light), #3 (cold), and #4 (warm), these graphs, while still showing an upward trend, will not be as steep.Rhizopus stolonifer is the most common and fast growing bread mold.It is also known as black mold as it appears dark green or black in color.What happens when you leave the bread open for some more time?The mold spreads quickly and the entire bread turns into a green or black color and appears fuzzy.


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