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But, for those willing to take on both, brewpubs are an attractive way to diversify their revenue streams and attract customers outside core craft-beer drinkers.Operating a kitchen as well as the brewery has made Funky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) a more consistent draw.

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It’s a huge financial commitment, and it’s also super hard work.” Owning and effectively managing a brewpub can be a complicated business.

There’s the manufacturing side and everything that goes along with running a brewery, as well as the hospitality side with kitchen staff, servers, customer relations, and more.

While the term “brewpub” may once have described venues known more for their food, today’s leading edge brewpub operators are proving them to be a compelling outlet for creative expression in food and drink and a compelling business model.

Brewpubs have come a very long way since the days of wood-paneled bars, animal heads and beer signs on the walls, and—with notable exceptions, of course—middle-of-the-road beer to match the middle-of-the-road food.

’ I wanted a brewpub that could deliver a better experience all around, where people aren’t just served frozen fish and chips and mozzarella sticks or whatever.

“I wanted to put the foodies and the beer geeks together and have them both be happy.PHOTO: COURTESY ÜBERBREW/ YELLOWSTONE DESIGNWORKS “When I wasn’t brewing beer, I was managing restaurants,” Hastings says.“So when we were looking at coming into a crowded taproom market, food was going to be our niche.You’re also going to reach people who you wouldn’t have reached before, and I think you can also brew interesting beer.“I encourage our students to think more open-mindedly about brewpubs,” he says.Ohio-based Fat Head’s Brewery also recently opened a brewpub in Portland.John Harris opened his Ecliptic Brewing brewpub in Portland in 2013.He and his partners decided to capitalize on this experience to help differentiate Überbrew in their local market.For Überbrew in Billings, Montana, offering a food menu was a key differentiator in the already-crowded local market.“They try to have a hand or play an important role in the restaurant side, the brewery side, and on the management side, and they don’t delegate enough responsibility.I think if you’re going to open a brewery or a brewpub, having enough quality partners, managers, or employees involved is really the key so that no area gets neglected.” Mark Hastings, cofounder and head brewer at Überbrew in Billings, Montana, has experience in all three areas—brewing, restaurants, and business operations.


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