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White Rose Etheses Online repository holds electronic doctoral level theses from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.York research students registered for their degree in or after October 2009 are required to upload their thesis onto this repository.

On this webpage we present topics that can lead to BSc/MSc projects or theses in Computer Science or Cognitive Science.

As our research focus is highly interdisciplinary we can offer a bandwith of projects that may have an empirical/experimental or more theoretic approach.

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Build a tool to help programme directors to express an experience (e.g., an explosion on TV screen triggers fans, lights, etc.

For instance, Amazon, Netflix, and Google all track our activities and use machine learning tools to improve their recommendation engines and service designs.

In this project, you will have access to a large dataset of user activities captured in an online IPTV platform.A more intelligent network can greatly improve network efficiency, energy consumption, and user experiences.You are welcome to use tools such as NS2/NS3, Mininet, Open Net, etc. Ref1 Understanding user interactions and user behaviours are becoming as fundamental as streaming content online for any online media services.This project is part of a new initiative to create the entire Waterside campus in virtual reality and develop novel applications.You will be working on mesh objects produced by a professional media company (and approved by the architects) using Waterside site plans.Olsztynianie już w przedsezonowym Turnieju Czterech Trenerów w Elblągu pokazali, że w lidze będą mocnym przeciwnikiem.Choć obecnie znajdują się w połowie tabeli, podopieczni Andrei Gardiniego z meczu na mecz grają coraz solidniej, co udowodnili Traditional multimedia applications have primarily engaged only two of the human senses – the aural and the visual. The result, mulsemedia, is a key to the world of home entertainment and online retailing.Ref1 Ref2 Conventional network nodes are programmed to only conduct low-level tasks such as packet forwarding.This report may contain a research paper, development report or tutorial article which has been submitted for publication in a journal or for consideration by the commissioning organisation.We ask you to respect the current and future owner of the copyright by keeping copying of this article to the essential minimum.


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