Business Continuance Plans

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It implies the responsibility of the business owners and management for the business in ensuring that it stays afloat and “on course” despite any obstacles or stumbling blocks it encounters along the way.

In a study of mid-sized companies that suffered a major disaster and had no contingency planning in place, it was revealed that, on average, their downtime cost amounted to ,000 per hour. When their usual source of a specific product or service becomes unavailable, or unable to deliver their goods, customers will naturally look elsewhere for other sources.

Even the most loyal customers may be swayed out of their loyalties if the business fails to rise to the occasion.

BCM is clearly described by the ISO to provide a framework for building organizational resilience, which will allow the organization to respond accordingly, in a way that protects the business, its reputation, and all other stakeholders.

As a management process, BCM involves several key activities: In recognition of the reality of the economic and business landscape being unpredictable and volatile, businesses are now taking a lot of precautions to ensure that their operations will still stand a chance against unexpected disruptions.


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