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We can make your paper products in up to 36 colors and with full colour printing.

SPM is the leading and oldest manufacturer of security paper products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our reputation of excellence in sales and customer service is a result of our highly trained staff.

With our consultative sales approach, we work with you to develop solutions that save time, effort and expense.

CWF grades use UWF (jumbo) reels as the base material, upon which one or more thin mineral coatings are added to smooth the surface and improve printability.

UWF and CWF papers can be further divided into different sub-grades depending on whether the paper is cut into sheets or used in reels.

An important role plays a solid experience, process-related expertise and creativity among many key employees. Our high and guaranteed level of production quality is valued not only in the Czech market but especially in leading EU markets, where we export the majority of our products.

Our mission is to continuously improve production quality and enhance the services provided to our customers.

These include a very wide variety of paper products for uses such as newspapers, inserts, supplements, A4 copy paper and printer paper, book paper, envelopes, forms, writing pads, high-quality magazines and brochures, company magazines, catalogues and annual reports.

These papers make an important contribution to society whether it be for literature, historical records, business, pleasure or any number of other purposes.


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