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It’s easy, just click the icon in the far right corner and you’ll be ready to go.The Company Profile section allows you to lay the groundwork of your business out for readers.Operations is ultimately about how you retain the customer and exceed their expectations after you’ve made the sale. The numbers always tell a story in business — that’s why it’s important to get them right!

Laena's cookbook, Jam On: The Craft of Canning Fruit, was published with Penguin Random House in 2012.

A student of her own hustle advice, she launched her newest venture, a self-care line, in 2016, using edible organic herbs and oils to feel good and nourish the skin.

Taught by Laena Mc Carthy Laena is Founder and CEO of Anarchy in a Jar, a jam and mustard company based in Brooklyn.

She's an Entrepreneur, Educator, Wellness Maven, Birth Coach, Ideation Consultant, and Side Hustle Coach.

This crash course will walk you through the basics including who you are, your company’s history and what’s unique about your business.

A common pitfall of many entrepreneurs is not doing enough research into their chosen industry before delving into a business.The Starting A Business course covers important tools and resources a business owner needs to establish a solid foundation during its early formative years.Topics for discussion include: Personal Traits of an Entrepreneur Marketing Analysis Legal and Insurance Considerations Technology for Your Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics Financial and Money Management Basics of Business Plan Preparation Who should attend: Startups (businesses less than 2 years old) Course materials provided.In this workshop, you'll learn: Note: This series is offered as stand-alone workshops, and can be taken all-together or individually.If you're interested in signing up for the full series at a discounted price of 0, email us for registration information!Thinking of starting a creative and/or holistic business?The first step is to create a dynamic business plan that will focus your pitch, initiate and structure fundraising goals, develop a break-even analysis, and streamline a marketing strategy.If you’ve got a business idea without a business plan, or you’re in need of a new strategy for your business, NYC Business Solutions can help you — for free.We provide free business courses and workshops in all five boroughs.Laena graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, received an MS in Information Science from Pratt Institute, has trained as a birth coach, food scientist, and herbalist, and was awarded the United States Antarctica Service Medal by the Department of Defense for her work with the National Science Foundation.When she’s not making it rain with mustard, wellness rituals, and startup nitty-gritty, you can find her dreaming about her next adventure, while practicing self-care, and chasing after her toddler.


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