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Right now, we are doing webinar/Periscope combos for the next few Tuesdays at Eastern time, so mark those times and dates in your calendar depending on when you want to pop in. We are going to start talking about 10 steps to start your event planning business plan, and now that I know – Oh, what is my Facebook page?My , and the website is also, so if you have any trouble finding it on Facebook, you can always go to and then you will find our Facebook icon at the bottom of the homepage.

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I knew I didn’t want to plan weddings and I did some fundraisers, but that wasn’t really my cup of tea either, even though I could do them and I did do them.

I did them more on a nonprofit capacity, a volunteer capacity, and I really focused on the corporate. I’m assuming you guys know each other or have something in common, so I’m glad the community’s getting to know each other. So you can do a business plan you can also do parts of a business plan, for example, the marketing side. You really need to know your finances when you’re starting out, so you want to list everything that you’re going to need for your business, so that’s your computer, your Internet connection, if you have rent to pay, how much your utilities are going to cost you, what about your car, gas, mileage, all of these pieces, even down to the type of phone plan that you’re going to need in order to run your business. Weddings are their own bag, so in my opinion, it’s going to be difficult to plan weddings and then move into another kind of event.

So the first step again is brainstorming, and if you’re just joining us or you’re watching the replay, sorry, if you’re just joining us, you’ll have to watch the replay because we’re not going to go back and forth. Some people would recommend you do a business plan, but you can also do pieces of the business plan, so for example, thank you Gina for writing that, so in Periscope, someone’s just adding that step number is brainstorming. I break them down into quarterly chunks and then each quarter, I break down into weekly – so what am I doing each week to get to those goals. And if you’re just joining us on the webinar, we have a new program that I mentioned just launched today. You go to products and you can find it under “ So one question is “Should I only stay on one type of event planning? It’s a little different, kind of like what I did when I first got started.

And when you start breaking your goals down and your plan down, then it becomes a whole lot easier, and I’m a big fan of taking baby steps just to get to where I want to be. Having said that, I also know when you’re starting, you just want events. You’re so excited so you may end up taking whatever you get, and that’s okay. It’s okay, and you know, you’ll soon find out what you like and what you don’t like, so don’t worry about it too much.

You may do some of them in different orders, but we are going to go through 10 steps and you can choose how you want to do them.

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So I hope you have a pen and paper or you have a Word doc open or whatever you prefer to take notes.

What is the most important part of an event planning business plan? Note: we love hearing from you, but links to outside posts or videos appear as SPAM and are removed.

🙂 Happy planning, Thank you for joining me, and people on Periscope are saying hi to people on the webinars, so hello, hello back and forth.

I’m happy to stay around and answer them, so if you could just let me know where you’re from, I know a bunch of you are on here and you can all hear me and we said hello and you’re sending hearts on Periscope, which is awesome, let me know where you’re from and also what stage of your business are you at. Blue, Bridgeport, Connecticut, “Brand new, trying to start,” awesome. Dietrich, North Carolina – we’ve got a bunch of North Carolina, from Tennessee, amazing. And if you aren’t on Periscope, that’s totally fine, you can always just check out our Facebook page where I am always have our webinars listed, and there are a number of them there right now that you can register for the coming weeks.

Tracy, “New to public but have been working over five years.” Oh great, so you’ve been working as an employee with somebody? And if you are on Periscope, please make sure that you join us and follow us there and you will get notifications for as soon as I pop up if you have the notifications set up.


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