Business Plan For Dairy Farm

And, also this business does not require much skill to manage.Besides this, this business also brings a great opportunity for these unemployed, educated and also the illiterate youth.

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Dairy Farming Business is easier than other businesses, but it requires proper care and management of cattle along with some task to do.

So, before going to start a new dairy farm, here below are some pointers to consider. As cattle are large mammals, you need a large space for them for their comforts and protection as a housing.

If this business is done with proper planning and management, it gives maximum output.

This business is successful in every type of climate and weather.

One can start this business by keeping only one or ten cattle also and can increase this business up to large scale in the following years.

Anyone can start this business having Rs 50000 or one lack as the initial capital investment. You should be well aware of which breeds should be raised so that your business can be more profitable.There are many government schemes and loans available for starting a dairy farming business plan.However, to make it a successful business, it requires some responsibilities including the monitoring of animals health, essential medicines for them, proper & sufficient feeding, suitable milking equipment along with waste management.Selecting a proper breed of dairy cattle is also important in deciding the profit, a high milk producing cattle breeds can give you more profit with same costing and farm management.So, here below is the list of top cattle breeds which have tops in the milk-producing capacity along with their specification.Also, a well-ventilated shelter is also required for well milk production.A sufficient amount of fresh air through cattle housing is also required to ensure good health of dairy animals.Do you know that India tops the list of milk production, all over the world?So, friends, today we are going to learn dairy farming as a business plan in India.However, with a good and effective strategic plan in this business, anyone can earn millions of money from it.However, there are also some of the problems in the dairy farming business.


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