Business Plan For Mortgage Loan Officer

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As the mortgage industry’s premier coaching company, our team of coaches has been helping loan officers for over 22 years to generate more referrals, improve efficiency and close more business.

We know how overwhelming the idea of creating a business plan can be and that's why we've created a Business Plan Worksheet for Loan Officers.

Go deeper and make the process something that will help them accomplish more. And you can invite your Real Estate Agents as well, as they also need to plan.

Afterwards, your Loan Officers can lead the agents in a planning exercise.

If they don’t know where they are weak, then you have found their first weakness! If they meet their goals for the year, how is that going to help them in the long run? It could be one of many things–their health, stress levels, financial security, career or family goals.

Often, we plan our goals, but we don’t plan for this achievement to take us closer to where we want to be. One of my favorite sayings is: If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? How many times have you seen plans go out the window because you or they just got too busy or went in a different direction.

You must be sure to formulate your list daily, make revisions each day and don't carry things over for a prolonged period of time. ♦Eliminate time-wasters, such as social media surfing. ♦Be sure to make it fun with rewards and celebrations when goals are accomplished.

♦Learn to delegate tasks to leave time to accomplish the priorities. Make 2019 the year that you help your Loan Officers put together a plan that has more meaning than a bunch of numbers that are a stab in the dark. 9–right after the New Year–I am going to be presenting Business Planning 2019. Each participant will receive a Business Planning Form.

As a sales leader, you must walk the proverbial walk and have your own business development plan in place. To ensure you hit your numbers, you must ensure your team members are hitting their numbers.

To do this effectively, you should assist everyone on the team to create their own New Business Development Plan for the year ahead.


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