Business Plan Steps To Writing

You may want to explain why your location is important or detail how much space you have available. You can also cover your office space and any plans to move outside your house.

Any specialized software or equipment and tools should also be covered here.

Gone are the days of 30 – 40 pages of business plans.

Modern business plans are shorter, easier to write and easier to read.

Think of it as a quick read designed to get the lender excited about your business.

Not everyone feels confident writing a business plan themselves, especially if it's needed to secure a bank loan.

Lenders and investors want to be confident that you know how to turn your business plans into financial success. These are planned goals that help you progress your company.

For example, if you're launching a new product your milestones may include completing prototypes and figuring out manufacturing. Figuring out which metrics are most important and then tracking them is essential for growth.

That way, you can validate that you're solving a real problem for your potential customers. For example, if the problem is that parking downtown is expensive and hard to find, your solution might be a bike rental service with designated pickup and dropoff locations. Never assume that your target market is “everyone.” For example, it would be easy for a barber shop to target everyone who needs a haircut.

But most likely, it will need to focus on a specific market segment to reach its full business potential. Your customers are likely turning to an indirect competitor that is solving their problem with a different type of solution.


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