Business Process Improvement Plan

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It's best to work with the people who are directly involved in the process.

It's best to work with the people who are directly involved in the process.Their ideas may reveal new approaches, and, also, they're more likely to buy into change if they've been involved at an early stage.Note down everyone's ideas for change, regardless of the costs involved.

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First, make sure that everyone understands what the process is meant to do.

Then, explore how you can address the problems you identified in step 2 (Brainstorming can help here).

It's likely that improving your business process will involve changing existing systems, teams, or processes.

For example, you may need to acquire new software, hire a new team member, or organize training for colleagues.

These tools show the steps in the process visually.

(Swim lane diagrams are slightly more complex than flowcharts, but they're great for processes that involve several people or groups.) It's important to explore each phase in detail, as some processes may contain sub-steps that you're not aware of.Speak to the people who are affected by the process. And what suggestions do they have for improving it? What tactics have they developed to deal with similar situations?You're now going to redesign the process to eliminate the problems you have identified.Once you and your team agree on a process, create new diagrams to document each step.You now need to secure the resources you need to implement the new process. This could include guidance from senior managers or from colleagues in other departments, such as IT or HR.You probably use dozens of business processes every day.For example, you may go through the same steps each time you generate a report, resolve a customer complaint, contact a new client, or manufacture a new product.Consider the following questions: to trace the problem to its origins.After all, if you only fix the symptoms, the problems will continue.If you need to start again from first principles, see our article on Business Process Reengineering When you encounter some of the problems mentioned above, it may be time to review and update the relevant process.Follow these steps to do this: Once you've decided which process you want to improve, document each step using a Flowchart.


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