Business Proposal Financial Plan

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The balance sheet is a snapshot of your company’s financial position at the time it’s prepared, comparing what you own with what you owe.Cash flow statements show all the cash you have coming in and out of the company, whether as a direct result of your business activities or from any outside investments you’ve made.For existing businesses, think of this as a financial checkup: a way to examine your previous sales figures and ensure your health going forward.

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Balance sheets list the type and value of all of your business’s assets and liabilities, along with ownership interest (who owns what in the company, and how much).

As an added benefit, this isn’t just a theoretical exercise on your part, but will actually help you run the business and make adjustments as they become necessary.

Business Insider offers a look at how to make realistic projections that will be meaningful to your business as well as to lenders and investors.

Assets will include your cash on hand, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and property you own.

Liabilities are things such as your accounts payable and long-term debt.


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