Business Recovery Plan Examples

Having a prioritized list of applications ready to go is invaluable.

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In the event of a wildfire, his plan is to grab the bag, cell phone, backup drive for the computer and evacuate in his car.

He’s willing to let everything else be “toast,” becoming part of his claim to the insurance company.

On the other hand, the probability of a long-duration regional power outage affecting the entire eastern interconnection grid is far less likely but would have an enormous impact.

Risk impact analyses usually include: The spreadsheet used for a risk assessment can be made more elaborate by adding up the impact scores (1-3) and then multiplying by probability (1-3) to produce an overall score (here, the max score is 27).

An organization’s human resource records were preserved in offsite cloud backups, but it didn’t have a concrete plan for restoring them after a disaster event.

At the time, HR systems were still run on local servers.

I always ask prospective customers about their priorities.

As a third party, it’s useful to try to understand the decision-making process and whether there might be biases or gaps.

See below for an example of a fictitious firm located in St.

Louis, Missouri: In the above example, a key server failure is something nearly guaranteed to happen and would have an absolute impact to the business.


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