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Nor was he seemingly guided by strong aesthetic notions, such as Galileo’s “good taste” or the role of beauty in Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar‘s work or that of Frank Wilczek.Rarely publishing papers, Feynman worked tirelessly on mathematical proofs on all manner of questions.And this is my own favorite Feynman story, by the way).

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” If you began your investigation to get an answer to some deep philosophical question, you may be wrong. He ends his wonderful book wondering why populations are growing exponentially why the proportion of geniuses are not growing as well?

It may be that you can’t get an answer to that particular question just by finding out more about the character of Nature. When we think of geniuses, most of us probably immediately conjure up a picture Einstein. Did everyone get a chance to see Ashutosh Jogalekar fantastic post here two weeks ago on Feynman?

When I once mumbled that Feynman is not my favorite scientist, my poor husband got very somber and looked as if he was wondering if he had married the right woman…

He loves Feynman, and I think it is safe to say that Richard Feynman looms large both on campus –and in my house!

He said that he would never forget the time when an upper class-man had explained to him the workings of Caltech’s highly streamlined bureaucracy: It’s true that Feynman is absolutely venerated at Caltech.

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When he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1965, a group of Feynman devotees (aka students) used a ladder to climb up and reach a bas relief sculpture that adorned a high exterior wall in the patio at Dabney House.Turner’s talk in particular wonderfully illuminated the kind of scientist Feynman was since he had picked a topic– cosmology– in which Feynman was famously uninterested.(Would string theory have been possible to conceive of without the Feynman diagrams?He was incredibly intuitive –but also (I never realized this) a tremendous calculator (this is the word that was used repeatedly).It speaks volumes that these brainy string theorists and high energy physicists went on and on about Feynman’s tremendous mathematical abilities.The sculpture was loosely modeled on Leonardo da Vinci’s and depicted a group of nine scientists (including Newton, Copernicus, Pasteur, Franklin, Archimedes, Euclid, Darwin and Da Vinci) who were gathered around a table with the great Galileo in the center.The students in their excitement over Feynman’s win, proceeded to remove Galileo’s name, replacing it with that of Feynman’s. And it’s not just students who remain devoted to him around Leanne Ogasawara On May 11th, to mark the 100th anniversary of Richard Feynman’s birth, Caltech put on a truly dazzling evening of public talks.I heard that tickets sold-out online in four minutes; and this event was so popular that attendees started queueing up to enter the auditorium an hour before the program began.Held in Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium (the white, perfectly round hall designed by legendary architect Edward Durrell Stone that students sometimes call “the wedding cake”), the line buzzed with excited conversation as people could be heard telling various anecdotes about Feynman. Just as we were about to be let in, I overheard one that always makes me smile; so perfectly does the story capture what Feynman is to Caltech.A gentleman behind me was talking to a friend about his days as an undergraduate at the Institute.


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