Can English Be Dethroned Essay

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In the present climate, studying in the developed countries is one of the choices to have a better future, and this is where the English language is necessary because English exams are one of the basic qualifications to study abroad.

Thus, this language is becoming the ticket of the students to study and venture to other developed countries such as in Australia, Canada, and United States of America.

It has been 14 years since I started learning English which has affected my life positively since then.

The first and most important thing is that it helped me to enter the university, because without having a certain level of knowledge in English, it is almost impossible to think of studying a scientific major in UAE [5].

English is the language of survival in the present battle of life .

This prevalence of English language came as a result of the British colonizing movements previously and the present economical and political power of English speaking countries that imposed themselves and as a result imposed their language on the globe[1]. For example, in Singapore, since they have embraced the English language they have seen an impressive economic growth in the past few years and this is because they have been maintaining a good rapport and trust with other developed countries that are investing in their nation.Studying English, furthermore, may be a time consuming task to do and an expensive subject to study but English language plays an essential role in the educational system around the world, where English linguistic remains the international language of almost all top universities globally.In addition, it caused a cultural conflict for non-native speakers as many of them started losing the strength of their mother tongue language because of the extensive use of English language [7]. As an example, in the Arab world we now have what is called the Arabizi generation. It is also important for English people to start learning other languages to keep up with rest of the world. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https:// The side effects of the spread of English on native speakers are limited but important. One thing is that English native speakers lost one aspect of their uniqueness which is their language, as they are not longer the only ones who use it. For me, I can say I started learning real English since five years only and the other nine years were nothing but a waste of time because learning any language requires an extra personal effort in mastering it rather than the knowledge we get from school. As a result, the learning process is long as well as frustrating.


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