Cancer Research Proposal

At the registry, the patient data is aggregated to enable researchers to study trends and patterns.

This can lead to research that will drive better patient care and improved patient outcomes.

Instructions for Writing a Research Proposal Following the outline below, provide the details of the proposal. State the hypothesis to be tested and the specific aims of the research proposal. Describe briefly the background to the proposal, including relevant studies by other investigators.

State concisely the importance of the research described in this proposal by relating the specific aims to broad, long-term research objectives in the field. Provide a description of: Potential experimental difficulties should be discussed together with alternative approaches that could achieve the desired aims. Describe briefly any work you have done that is pertinent to this project or demonstrates your ability to carry out the study plan. Cite your most important published and pending scientific publications in this or related work.

Our funding applications are managed, reviewed and approved online using our online grants management system (e GMS).

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We fund research that makes a clear link with our research priorities and look for the best researchers in their field.

If researchers are unable to do so, they can request a discussion with GO may be able to identify potential funding sources and partnerships.

A statement of work will be required for all surveys.

Reviewers will evaluate proposals fairly, objectively, and without prejudice.

Specific proposals, fields of study, methods or research, or disciplines will not be discriminated against in any way by reviewers or by the Lung Cancer Registry.


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