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It would be difficult, therefore, to say whether any conclusions could confidently be drawn by readers as a result of these reports.Most physicians would probably want to do some extra research—either in the literature or by canvassing opinions of colleagues.Her medications include the following: Despite these medications, her BP remains elevated.

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The course is ten weeks long and is taught in the second term in academic year 18/19.

Each week there will be 2 half-day sessions consisting of lectures and clinical cases.

Patients and health care professionals alike should remember that within the United States, CAMs are not regulated as prescription drugs are.

The standards that prescription drug manufacturers are held to for providing evidence of efficacy and safety are not met by most manufactures of CAMs since most do not require FDA approval.

Alternatively, adding CAMs to conventional cardiovascular drug regimens may offer potential benefit that remain unknown.

Although there is a significant amount of research available detailing drug-drug interactions in diverse populations, specific data for drug-supplement interactions or additive supplement effect is lacking in the CVD population.It's not so that fingers can be pointed at 'incorrect' treatment but instead so that geographical differences in practice can be highlighted, for example, or clearer descriptions be reached to explain a case more completely and accurately.By proposing, peer-reviewing and reading the Case Studies, you and your fellow physicians could gain a broader understanding of clinical diagnoses, treatments and outcomes.Each student, having worked as part of a team, will have the opportunity to present a case-study illustrating some of the principles of the course applied to a real-life clinical situation.Module code: CARD0001UCL credits: 15 credits Module organisers: Dr David Thompson and Dr Marc George Learning will be through seminar-style lectures, tutorials, class discussions on a case study that students will have written-up as a report, attending, if possible, a clinic in one/two of the above specialities.The FDA also does not require evidence of purity, quality or composition prior to marketing of the majority of CAMs.Thus there is significant absence of standardization of these products on the market and even among products from a single manufacturer.She says that garlic supplements claim to lower blood pressure, omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin E is good for the heart among other benefits.Discussion Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is defined as any preventive and therapeutic agent not considered a part of standard pharmaceutical medicine, including dietary supplements.Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine is a journal designed to lighten the reading load for busy doctors; why, then, does it include Case Studies? They should discuss investigations undertaken in order to determine a diagnosis or differentiate between possible diagnoses, and should indicate the course of treatment the patient underwent as a result. Ideally, in medicine, Case Studies should detail a particular medical case, describing the background of the patient and any clues the physician picked up (or should have, with hindsight).


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