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Descriptive statistics (i.e., means, percentages, frequencies, standard deviations, etc.) were applied for data analysis of demographic data. [Read More] Nursing Informatics Career Viability Analysis Nursing Informatics Career Analysis As the concept of healthcare delivery systems continues a rapid evolutionary path in order to keep pace with technological advancement, the role of health information technology deployment has become fundamentally important within America's hospitals, community clinics, and private medical practice.The advantages provided by digitally storing massive amounts of patient data -- also known as the electronic health record (EHR) system -- have been empirically established, and even with the passage of federal legislation mandating the eventual shift to EHR methodologies, many healthcare providers have fallen behind in this capacity.

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[Read More] Nursing profession is a complex and important field of human care.

In addition to the challenge of high workloads and long hours, nurses are also faced with the challenge of caring for persons who are often hostile or otherwise difficult to handle as a result of the conditions they suffer from.

[they argue that the DNP is] detrimental to society, as the projected number of APRNs needed is expected to rise in the years to come, The authors argue that this is unlikely to occur if the DNP-mandate deters potential APRN students from pursuing graduate study" (Bellini 2012: 6).

This reflects the idea that nursing, however much theory might inform the teaching of nursing, is ultimately always a practical discipline. [Read More] accounting profession is a necessary practice because the discipline still has room for growth.

The topic should seek to resolve an accounting problem. [Read More] Stress and Job Performance in the Nursing Profession Sources and Consequences of Stress Participants Materials Job Satisfaction and Feelings of Adequacy Job Performance Gender and Menopausal Status Expected Results and Discussion The relationship between work-related stress and job performance in the nursing profession Work-related stress is best defined as the harmful emotional and physical reactions that often result from the interactions between the worker and his/her work environment where the demands of the job negatively affect the worker's capabilities and resources (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2000).

When human beings are under stress, our bodies prepare for a "fight or flight response": adrenaline, cholesterol, and sugar are released into the bloodstream.However, there have also been many naysayers about the degree.They "strongly argue for the retention of MS-level preparation for APRNs based on economic and workforce issues…Data collection employed two instruments, which, on an average, could be completed in about 10 to 15 minutes: 1) A questionnaire, for gleaning socio-demographic data (i.e., age, sex, class, family structure, education, and educators' and parents' attitudes (e.g., democratic, permissive, repressive, etc.)); and 2) the Academic Dishonesty Tendency Scale, whose validity and reliability was examined by testing on 262 individuals.As per this research, Cronbach's alpha in relation to the above scale's sub-dimensions was .71 -- .82, .90 overall.[Read More] These categories are: Bachelors (Baccalaureate social work degree upon graduation, Masters (Master's degree in social work-MSW with no post-degree experience), Advanced Generalist (MSW with two years post-master's supervised experience), and Clinical (MSW with two years post-master's direct clinical social work experience).(ASWB) The content of the ASWB changes depending on the level of the test administration. [Read More] The School of Public Health provides mastery in the skills necessary to analyze and address critical and endemic health issues and its determinants.This is because the accounting profession is a demanding occupation that requires primary ethics and exactness.Article development requires proper planning, choosing a viable topic, and researching on it.Research has indicated that this alarming trend is not does not result from unwillingness on the part of medical center executives to adapt, but rather from the lack of institutional capability to process EHR data effectively and efficiently.In order to address this pressing issue, many major hospitals now employ entire……


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